ABHINAV Systech proudly presents eZee, an ultimate destination for electric cycles in India. We deal in multi brand electric bicycles that are sure to enrich & energize your cycling experience. With a wide array of electrifying ECycles to choose from, we help you adopt a greener way of life. We help you stay fit & at the same time, we ensure that you breathe freely in a pollution free environment.

We all have been struggling to settle down with this new normal in COVID-19 Pandemic. Right from working for prolonged hours to traveling in public transport, all of us are trying to adopt the new changes. This is where we step in and bring you a greener way of life and safer way to travel through our Ebikes. We present to you a plethora of best electric cycles in India that can help you travel long distances without putting our planet’s health in jeopardy. Our range of EBikes give you the perfect answer for your home gym needs. Cycle your way to a greener way of living with us.

Environmental Benefits of cycling

Our Aim

Adopt Electric Cycles & Go Green

Ecycles help you adopt traveling and fitness solutions that are friendly to our planet’s health, and also for your pocket. Pedal your way to a greener planet and fitter body with the best electric cycles in India and add more health to your traveling habits. So, are you ready to hit the masterstroke with electric bikes?

Greener Than Ever Travelling Solution

You can cycle your way to nearby areas or do a home gym routine in a greener way with Ebikes. By replacing your daily transportation mode with electric cycles, you can set an example of green traveling for others. You can go carbon-free with ECycling and do your bit in improving air quality for all co-habitants.

Investing in Electric cycle & clean energy

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cost reduction
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more power
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Reduce Carbon Footprint

Intoduction to our Authorized Brands


Svitch bike is a revolutionary travel concept. It's not just an EBicycle, but a lifestyle that spells fitness through its make and functionality. Your search for a greener mobility solution packed with power and health ends here. An enviable beast with the intelligence of a man on the road

E-Trio For Green Beginnings!

Hyderabad based company, E-Trio offers the widest range of EVs. Affordability with quality is the manufacturing principle at E-Trio. Its electric vehicle range comprises low price electric bikes and cycles, which are very light on the pocket, as well.

Go Zero Mobility Advantage!

Go Zero Mobility is an outstanding maker and supplier of cheap electric bikes with British excellence as its unique selling point. The future belongs to this electric vehicles’ expert as its price is justified and so is its performance. The brand takes care of the lifestyle needs of everybody and makes world-class, pocket-friendly EBikes and cycles.

Essel Energy - Greenness Par Excellence!

A premier electric bicycle brand from South India, spreading its wings across all parts of India. Essel energy electric bicycle is another name for trust and innovation. Essel energy EBikes are sure to revolutionize the way everyday commuting works. Their progressive line of electric vehicles is going to be the future face of the green transportation system.

Lightspeed - Style With Substance!

Lightspeed Mobility Pvt. Ltd. is an Ahmedabad-based electric mobility expert. Their EBicycles are truly outstanding in style & performance, and are highly energy efficient. Best-suited for urban roads, every vehicle from this brand has a strong character.

Parama - Ride in Style!

Parama E Mobility is an electric cycle manufacturer that produces feature-abundant, pocket-friendly Ebikes designed to deliver excellence at a low price. The Ecycles from this electric mobility expert are products of flawless design engineering. Robust, sleek, and fully supportive of NextGen Users’ aspirations, these vehicles are a delightful embodiment of modern technology.

Contino EVs for Green Traveling!

Contino Ebikes bring style and innovation together and fuses brilliantly the design with functionalities. Suited to rule Indian landscapes, Contino EBicycles emerge from the collaborative brainstorming of industry-top design specialists and manufacturers. Made to comply with all prevalent industry standards, this brand is fully supportive of tough use and requires minimal to nil maintenance. Its strength is the core components sourced from top class, globally acclaimed manufacturers.

Geekay – Hit the Road Earth-Friendly Way!

Geekay Bikes, established in 1961, is a firm believer in using electric bikes for transportation. It is one of the most innovative brands that has earned the reputation of the time-forward electric bike company. This brand manufactures light yet sturdy parts capable of making every journey a happiness-filled outing. Whenever out for a speedy, thrilling journey, you can rely on the goodness of Geekay chains!

EMotorad - Redesigning the Cycling Experience!

EMotorad (EM) is the trusted name in electric bikes, Ecycles, and other variants among daily riders. Hassle-free operation, comfortable to ride, and perfect for Indian roads and terrains, EM electric mobility solutions can reinvent the cycling experience and offer you low priced comfort too.

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