We are First in South India to start with a innovative View to Reach Essel Energy Electric-bicycles to our Green City. Electric-bicycles are designed to change the way we are commuting from one place to another. They will transform the existing system into an economical, efficient and healthier transportation system, also they will save the planet by reducing the carbon footprint.

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  1. Warranty is applicable from date of purchase. 
  2. Two years warranty on battery.
  3. One year warranty on Hub Motor and other electrical parts.
  4. Three years warranty on frame.
  5. One year warranty on charger.
  6. Six months warranty on tire and tubes.
  7. Six months warranty on Head Light (breakage/damage not covered).
  8. Manufacturing defect warranty on fiber/plastic parts.
  9. Two years warranty on front fork.
  10. Six months warranty on Chain, Chain wheel, Free wheel and Crank.
  11. One year warranty on all other components which are not mentioned in this policy.
  12. Warranty becomes null and void if customer has done any modification in the E-Bike.
  13. Warranty becomes null and void if customer gets it repaired from unauthorized dealer or against the directions of the Company.
  14. No warranty will be applicable if the damage is due to customer mishandling or negligence.
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